Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi

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Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi BCAc

Michael Underwood, Dr Nasimi BCAc, Adrian Carter, Big Bus London

Michael Underwood, Dr Nasimi BCAc, Adrian Carter, Big Bus London

After fleeing Afghanistan in 1999, Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi has dedicated his time to help fellow refugees get back on their feet in the UK and achieve integration. He founded the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) in 2001. Originally created to organise events for the Afghanistan community in London and latterly to help other refugees overcome challenges such as language barriers and adapting to different cultures. He now runs the charity helping thousands each year to integrate by providing services such as English language classes, British culture workshops and a supplementary school for refugee children.

Dr Nasimi’s ultimate aim is to bring communities together by helping refugees integrate into wider society. He believes that issues such as deradicalization and domestic violence can by addressed by overcoming the isolation and disaffiliation felt by many refugees. Because of this, the charity has focused much for its work on empowering the women of migrant communities in London, so that they feel equipped and confident to take advantage of the opportunities that Britain provides for its citizens. A recent ACAA survey showed women are feeling safer, isolation is reduced, more are learning English and engaging with their children and their studies.