Dwain Longley

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West Yorkshire

Matt Allwright, Dwain Longley BCAh, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop Stores

Dwain is passionate about supporting St John’s Ambulance, The Sea Cadet Corp, West Yorkshire Medic Response Team and gives up almost 1,000 hours per year volunteering for his community as a paramedic.  Dwain’s day job is with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service but since 2005 he also volunteers as a first responder for West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service.

Dwain gives up his time to arrange and teach at Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events and supports the regional college of paramedic events.  He also supports his local youth organisations with first aid training and ambulance familiarisation, ensuring local youths are given as much information about saving lives as possible.

From 13 years old Dwain has always been community minded. He has volunteered for almost 20 hours per week for the past 16 years.  During the last decade he has held a number of senior volunteer positions within the St John’s Ambulance organisation and has been instrumental in driving both organisational direction and change following the national process of re-organisation.  He has also undertaken a number of projects to save the charity money, resulting in savings of around £25,000 per year through identifying surplus and unnecessary equipment.