Emma Rigby

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Matt Allwright, Emma Rigby BCAhon, Pat Egan, Places for People

Following the 2011 London riots Emma felt that something needed to be done to mend a broken inner-city borough and bring her local community together. She set up ‘Love Your Doorstep’; primarily a Facebook group bringing the community together and getting to know one another locally.

It soon became clear this was more than just a local chat forum. Emma went on to develop a platform where local businesses, schools and charities gain local engagement and visibility of services quicker than any other resource with an outreach of 25,000.

With one of the schools being targeted by gangs, Emma, with support of the local authority and police set up Enfield Community Patrol, enabling parents to patrol at lunch times and after school to act as a deterrent. Violence decreased dramatically and it is now being rolled out to other schools within the area.

Emma’s drive and determination has changed the community in many ways. People now know one another, local businesses are thriving, local groups are now filled with people, it feels safer, and local charities are benefiting from more donations.