Eric Green


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Eric Green, Will Gore, BCA Ambassador

Eric, aged 79, worked single-handedly to restore Faversham Creek’s viability after it fell into dereliction. He had the vision and determination to clear the creek, and obtain the necessary licenses enabling him to do it.  He built and maintained a dredger to carry out the work, which has taken him 10 years to complete.

The creek is now once again useable by the Thames Barges whose viability was threatened as the creek became so narrow.  Whatever the season over the past decade, Eric has worked to the point of exhaustion to see this through.

More importantly, the creek is becoming increasingly used by the townsfolk for leisure, with visiting yachts from the Continent bringing both revenue and diversity to the area.

Speaking about his nomination, Eric said: “I am completely overwhelmed and a little embarrassed really. This is not what I do things for. I do them because they need to be done. I will use the BCA as a force for continuing the work, as there are a lot of other things we need to battle.”


Nominated by: Derek Meadows