Evelyn Buckland, BCAc

Evelyn has been a central figure in her local community for several

decades. She has played organ at local churches for 70 years. Even through

her own bouts of illness she still visited housebound villagers to bring them

some company and help where she could. She regularly attends choir

practice and was instrumental in getting a CD produced and sold.


“An unsung heroine”


She is involved in the local drama group and entertains children in the local

primary school with tales of her childhood. She is in demand by local

publications as ‘living history’ being almost 90 years old.

She was planning to organise a community singing event in Autumn 2014

so that the elderly and young could interact together and both benefit from

the experience.


“Evelyn has not to our knowledge received recognition. We thank you for your time and consideration of this lady and whatever the outcome we have enjoyed enthusing with you over this honourable member of our community”.


Evelyn received a plaque in recognition of her long-service to the church

which is proudly displayed at the church where she used to play most.