Fiona Coldron


Fiona Coldron, Michael Underwood, Lonnie Mayne, Founder Red Shoes Living

In December 2015, Fiona founded the charity ‘Something to Look Forward To’ in her hometown of Cambridge.

It was created to improve the lives of people affected by cancer and cancer poverty. It distributes gifts and experiences that have been donated by individuals and businesses locally and provides a service to encourage families to create positive memories, rest, recuperate and have fun when they need it most.

All the ‘gifts’ and ‘experiences’ are generously donated and Fiona works incredibly hard to build relationships with businesses and individuals in her local community to secure this, to pass on to families in their time of need.

Fiona herself is a secondary cancer patient and has risen above her serious life-limiting illness to support others affected by cancer who also need ‘Something To Look Forward To’.

During her diagnosis Fiona felt that small treats such as a night out, or a day out with family was something that was needed during this devastating time.

To date over 600 gifts and experiences have supported over 350 affected by cancer.

Nominated by:Francesca Abery