Fiona Southern



Fiona Sourthern, BCAc, Michael Underwood, Jo Garner, Insight & Strategy Director, Lime MCP

The Carer’s Club started life in 2008 as a support group which Fiona created to reduce isolation among carers in the rural community.

Today, the club caters for both the carers and cared-for, and has been a very welcome social event for the 30 regular users who attend each month.

St Eval is a rural area that has little in the way of community activities.

Carers can feel confined to their homes with their loved ones with very little opportunity of respite. The benefits in both mental and physical well-being experienced by those attending the club reduces pressure on local health and social services and strengthens the community.

Fiona has run the club for the past eight years. Initially responsible for raising funds, finding a venue and publicising its existence.

She then set about identifying like-minded volunteers to help her secure the future of the club.

The club organises several special of which Fiona has been ever-present, she remains the heart of the club despite suffering with cancer for the past two years.

Nominated by: Christopher Moncaster