Fred Sirieix



Fred, along with Michelin-starred chef, Chris Galvin, started Galvin’s Chance in 2009 under the umbrella of DM Thomas Foundation for Young People, offering young people who are unemployed or who have been through the probationary system the opportunity to find employment in the hospitality industry.

The Galvin’s Chance apprentices undertake an accredited programme and are guaranteed an interview and work placement in some of London’s top restaurants, including the Royal Automobile Club, Harrods, Hilton Hotels and the Dorchester. Fred is a tireless promoter for the cause, and believer in the power of second chances. Over the years that the campaign has run, over 80% have successfully gained employment in the hospitality industry.

Fred, who has worked in the industry since the age of 16, juggles an incredibly busy work life with commitments to many charities and yet finds time to prioritise Galvin’s Chance. He is deeply committed to helping the young people involved to change lives, and takes an active part in the process of encouraging and listening to them, in the mentoring and training process. He also actively fundraises and constantly comes up with innovative new ideas to help fundraise and promote the programme, including the Chocs for Chance campaign which was launched in 2015.

Chocs for Chance was a chocolate box auction, with top chefs from around the UK, including Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc, creating sumptuous one-of-akind chocolate boxes which were auctioned for Valentine’s Day. Fred is seeking new ways to help young people, and recently created a partnership with HM Prison Isis, a young offender’s institute, to run a pop-up prison restaurant, The Clean Slate.

Nominated by Simon Sheehan