Harvey Mcsloy, BCAv

When this 20-year-old lost his 49 year-old mother to cancer he had nothing but admiration for the

hospice that had cared for her in the last moments of her life. He identified that there were things

that the hospice needed but were not statutory requirements through the NHS. He started a

charity in his mother’s name. But instead of donating money to hospices, he finds out what they

need and procures it himself.


“He is bringing everyone in the community together for charitable events”


Harvey works with the various preferred suppliers of the hospices and often supervises the job

from start to finish. The funds he has raised have paid for a specialist bed to enable a cancer

patient some comfort in the last days of their life, and a replacement floor in a children’s hospice

to enable children to play safely.


The charity he founded is TrustMaria. He is a full-time quantity surveyor and does the fund

raising in his spare time. He runs all aspects of the charity single-handedly including fundraising,

banking, procurement, publicity, and website.