Hyung Dal Kim




Michael Underwood, Hyung Dal Kim BCAc, Pat Egan, Places for People

Michael Underwood, Hyung Dal Kim BCAc, Pat Egan, Places for People

Known throughout his community as ‘Mr Kim’, this friendly, caring pharmacist goes significantly over and above for his customers.  His care for patients is exceptional with many commenting on his kindness and warmth.

In an area with more complex elderly patients than average, his personal knowledge of the patients, professional skill and human kindness shines through. Kim was nominated for the award by one of the local GPs.

Mr Kim knows his patients well, asks about their families, delivers medicines in his own time to housebound patients and is patient and thorough in explanations and advice. He has positively impacted his community, giving service of the highest order delivered one person at a time.  There is a great respect, gratitude and confidence and Mr Kim is held in very high regard.

In a time when the High Street is changing significantly with more shops facing closure, people’s buying habits changing, prescriptions are auto-renewed and some pharmacies offering a ‘direct to you’ service, it is refreshing to see such consideration being given to all patients who use the Boots pharmacy. It is increasingly rare to witness old-fashioned, but very well delivered, customer service.


Nominated by:  Dr Saul Galloway