Irene Hicks


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Irene Hicks, Will Gore, BCA Ambassador

Irene, aged 66, has raised more than £62,000 for the Llandough Hospital Breast Cancer Fund, despite the death of three of her four sons – two in the last 18 months.Irene first started fundraising after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

Her fund raising achieves £1,000 every month by selling items donated and purchased by members of the community via a very busy Facebook site and a weekly bingo game. Irene has managed to coordinate significant numbers of members of the community, to join forces to make a real and positive difference to the quality of treatment that can be provided by the local hospital that care for cancer patients.

Not satisfied with just making this major contribution, Irene also regularly raises funds for local community events such as Ely Festival and Ely Fireworks Display.

Irene was nominated by Alan Nicholls and Cllr. Susan Goddard, who said: “It seems to be very natural to Irene, a way of life, a way to act.  She may see herself as a very grounded, ordinary person, but she is doing extraordinary things every day of her life”.


Nominated by: Alan Nicholls & Cllr. Susan Goddard