Irene Moore, BCAc

The Hoskyn Centre provides entertainment, occupational therapy, meals and outings and dispels

loneliness that age and disablement can bring.  This centre is entirely self-funded with no grants

and relies purely on donations and events.  This is a unique local charity that provides vital

services to the people of Rugby. Irene as the manager of this ensures at least 50 people enjoy

social interaction weekly. Irene has spent 21 years of her life providing services for the disabled

and older community of Rugby. The service also provides carers a break from their caring role.

They can leave their loved ones knowing that they are in a safe and caring environment as well

as making new friends, enjoying a cooked lunch and having fun.


“Irene Moore has not received any recognition, not even by her local town council.  Please help by at least accepting this nomination, it is long overdue”.


Irene also looked after her elderly parents and disabled brother in addition to running and

managing the centre.