Jackie Cooper

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Jackie Cooper BCAv

Michael Underwood, Jackie Cooper BCAv, Jo Delbridge, Specsavers

Michael Underwood, Jackie Cooper BCAv, Jo Delbridge, Specsavers

Jackie has been involved in volunteering for 25 years, taking on a variety of different roles. She is a trustee of two charities that work with children and young people, one in the UK and one in Kenya. She is the Director of Sussex Clubs for Young People where she is also lead safeguarding officer, and she also volunteers as an Independent Custody Visitor (ICV).

ICV’s are volunteers from the local community who visit police custody suites unannounced 24/7. Jackie checks on the welfare of detainees to ensure they have been given their rights and entitlements and they are being treated with dignity and respect in accordance with the Human Rights Act and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Each visit requires the ICV to speak with the detainee and check on their welfare and conditions in which they are being held. Each visit lasts approximately two hours before a report is submitted on the visit. Jackie goes above and beyond by helping to induct new members, train police custody staff and mentors new ICV’s. For 25 years Jackie has volunteered as an ICV and is now lead coordinator in Brighton which is the busiest custody suite in Sussex.