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Jamie McDonald BCAv

Michael Underwood, Jamie McDonald BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Michael Underwood, Jamie McDonald BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Since 2013 Jamie has raised more than £1 million for sick children around the world by completing superhuman challenges. He is committed to improving his community and also fundraising for children’s hospitals. Jamie suffered with Syringomyelia as a child, which is a disorder of the spinal cord and spent a lot of his youth in hospital, inspiring him to give back in adulthood raising money and creating the Superhero Foundation, a charity he co-founded to support UK children and adults with chronic illnesses and life changing injuries.

Jamie ran over 5,500 miles across America in one year, the equivalent of 210 marathons. He pushed a pram with his belongings and ran through extraordinary conditions including flash floods and desert heat. Another challenge involved running on a treadmill for 7 days to break the Guinness World Record running 524 miles, raising £57,000 in that week alone. He also cycled the equivalent of Bangkok to Gloucester, breaking the world record for the longest time ever spent on a static bike.

The £1m Jamie has raised has changed lives and positively impacted communities around the world. His passion to keep going despite often being in excruciating pain, shows how determined he is to help others.