Jane Newton, BCAc

Baroness Wilcox, Jane-Newton, Alison Eddy from Irwin Mitchell

Jane is devoted to helping the lonely, isolated and disabled in her community to resolve issues arising from their circumstances. Recognising that many vulnerable people become embroiled in debt, she mediates between the courts to help relieve some of the pressure of impending court proceedings.

“Although she does so much for others, she does not seek praise or even acknowledgement. Other people, other than those directly involved, might not ever know of the work she does”

She recently oversaw the sale of a property and funeral arrangements for a member of the community that had no immediate family to help out.

She developed and remains a strong advocate of the ’No Interest Loans Scheme’, having spent hours of her own time drawing up an MOU and then negotiating hard with the DWP to repay debt through reduction of benefits.

Whilst she did not invent the scheme she has been a pivotal player in having it recognised for the benefit of her local community. Currently 50 individuals benefit Jane’s persistence in getting the NILS scheme in Tenbury recognised. She is a motivated, valued and inspirational member of her community.

“One of her most valued attributes is that s he gets ‘stuck in’ and tackles the ‘nitty gritty’ of situations herself”