Janet Pierce


HI RES Janet Pierce, Bradley Walsh, Anu Chadha Lime MCP

Janet has been devoted for the last 50 years to the local Girl Guides as a volunteer, and has made a significant difference during that time to the lives of thousands of girls. She has been an excellent role model, devoting so much of their life to enable girls between 4-18 years the chance to exceed and grow, not something normally available to rural villages.

Janet has left a legacy through her work, with the positive memories and activities she has made for the girls. Janet has also enabled girls with difficult home circumstances attend events outside the guiding movement even when a parent is unable or unwilling to attend. Janet always has a smile, even when faced with her own personal difficulties and has devoted her time to others to provide a positive experience and positive memories.

Many things have changed over the past 50 years but Janet’s commitment to the Guides and her capability of teaching life lessons to young people in an interesting way is testimony to her appeal. Janet has kept the rural Girl Guides chapter not only going, but thriving.

Nominated by: Sarah Robinson-Jones