Jeanette Lowe




Michael Underwood, Jeanette Lowe, BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Michael Underwood, Jeanette Lowe, BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Jeanette Lowe has been at the epicentre of village life in Adlington for several decades. She has been an active committee member for the Adlington In Bloom initiative since its 2007 inception. She has voluntarily served Adlington Town Council for 27 years. She is a supporter of Friends of Adlington Library and serves on the committee of the Adlington Community Centre, a role she has been relied upon to fulfil for a number of decades.

She has raised several thousand pounds for the local MS Society by holding fundraising events when she was Mayor and latterly by holding an annual “Cake Break” with a friend which has been very successful.

Jeanette has been Mayor of Adlington four times and was instrumental in overseeing the construction of the Fairview Community Centre having first been involved at the planning stage. Jeanette’s energetic and time-consuming efforts as secretary of the Centre, and the incredible amount of time in getting permission and funding for the youth and community facility are testimony to her determination to get things done.

She is relentless in persuading everyone to take pride in the area and there is not a good cause locally that hasn’t benefitted from her input.


Nominated by:  Joyce Lee