Joan Ward


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Joan Ward, Nathan Rous, PR

Joan is a key member of the local community, a parish councillor and very proactive in her role. She has been instrumental in restoring the River Acre Memorial Gardens in the village, and having it re-dedicated it to the fallen soldiers of the village in the First World War.  She put together an in-depth Lottery funding application and was successful. She obtained keen quotes and engaged the best value people to carry out the jobs she couldn’t do, i.e. felling trees, laying paths.  Other than that, she worked tirelessly to reveal the former beauty and peace of the plot.

With just £10,000 lottery funding, Joan has transformed the 3.5-acre site. She has also created an exhibition of the works carried out, and planned the re-opening ceremony inviting every villager to the event.

She expends tireless energy across the community: from organising the village picnic;utilising a former telephone box as a home for a village book swap; planting bulbs on the village green; giving regular guided talks on the history of Derbyshire;to even, delivering the parish magazine. Joan is at the centre of everything.


Nominated by: Susan Kirwan