John Anderson




Michael Underwood, John Anderson BCAc, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Michael Underwood, John Anderson BCAc, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

John Anderson is passionate about his community and looks after the interests of Beamhill playground, public-footpaths, neighbourhood plans, emergency plans, planning and campaigns against regular fly-tipping and speeding locally.  Not content with this, John started Burton HOPE in 2017 after many years trying to help homeless people within the community. Which is why he has been recognised nationally for his commitment to his community.

HOPE is now well established with 80 volunteers.  John identified ways to get people off the street, some into supported living and some into rehab.  When they are ready they are helped back into work. As well as Chairman, John is Burton HOPE’s Support Coordinator. His volunteering has helped many families in crisis with clothes and food from foodbanks. Over 100 food parcels are handed out each week, including sanitary and hygiene products. John leads and trains people on outreach, which entails going to where the homeless people are living on the streets, offering aid.

John is also an active Governor at De-Ferrers, a local Academy, and he has also very recently become a trustee of The Beyne Foundation which funds certain schools in Burton on Trent, he is also a Governor at Burton Hospital. For over 10 years John has dedicated his time to his community.


Nominated by:  Graham Baddeley