John Holden


HI RES John Holden, Pauline Holden, Bradley Walsh, Pat Egan, PLaces For People

John and Pauline have, for the past 18 years, been devoted to a local amateur ice skating team, where they have been responsible for all aspects of its continuing existence.

As volunteers, the pair have been instrumental in encouraging young skaters to become confident and competent, many of whom have gone on to become professional, appearing in championships, Disney on Ice Shows. John & Pauline are responsible for every aspect, from the choreography to the dressmaking and everything in between.

They have given people confidence, taught them life skills, teamwork and respect. They have provided a way for people to perform and keep fit, and have enabled people to travel and perform at venues across the country and 16 times in Belgium. Their enthusiasm fuels the confidence and self-belief of the skaters, on and off the ice. They raise funds to support the team, but also raise funds through their shows.

They have created a family of so many, and involved them in the Blackpool Ice Twirlers enabling people of all ages, from all communities, to have a common interest.

Nominated by: Abigail Williams