John Newell


Matt Allwright, Caroline Page-Brown, Chris Newell (on behalf of John Newell), Alex Brown, CISCO



John Newell helped thousands of disabled people access the peace and tranquillity of the countryside via horse-drawn carriages during his 20 years of volunteering. The East Holton Driving Centre, affiliated to the Riding for Disabled Association, provides around 1,000 horse-drawn carriage drives a year for the disabled and their carers.

John, along with his wife Margaret, who died in 2007, became involved when the yard was effectively just a derelict area.As a former builder, he personally renovated the stable yard and buildings which enabled the group to function. He carried out all running repairs and would escort the drives almost daily. In winter he would care for the horses, and was also instrumental in raising funds to ensure the group could continue to thrive.

His nominator said: “It is a significant tribute to him, that thanks to his hard work and dedication it remains operational after so many years and can be enjoyed by so many less abled people”.
* Sadly, Mr Newell lost his battle with throat cancer in May 2017 before he could receive his honour in person.


Nominated by: Geoff Lonsdale