John Shufflebottom, BCAv

John devotes three days a week to helping support vulnerable citizens that have been

impacted by crime. A business-consultant to multi-national companies by trade,

John has applied some of his business acumen to helping victims of crime to overcome

their ordeal. He also offers support to members of his family that are in poor health.

He is modest but highly skilled. John has been a highly regarded and highly respected

Volunteers’ spokesperson within the Police volunteer service, being voted to the role

by his peers. He is respected at all levels which is testimony to his achievements and

input into the service over his 16 year’s volunteering.


“John has been truly invaluable to Victim Support. He is treasured by staff and peers and though he may purposely hide his light beneath the proverbial bushel, we consider it is well overdue that his brightness and energy be reflected publicly”


He has applied his business knowledge to Victim Support to develop systems and

measurements which ensure that victims of domestic violence and their children

achieve best possible care, and that those supporting them have a robust measuring

system to identify where help is most needed. This business-like approach to deploy

resources in the most effective and efficient way gives officers confidence in their

approach and victims best duty of care.