John Young



John Young with Simran Soin from Places for PeopleA member of Bushey and Watford Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied charity (PHAB) since the age of 17, John has worked his way through the committee and is now club secretary.

John plays a full time role in the charity, which holds activities in the local community such as bowling and rock-climbing. John has spent much time and effort working to improve access within the community, as well as promoting PHAB. John is committed to finding ways for disabled people to use all facilities within the community, if an accessibility issue arises, John works with providers to find a practical solution. John has always made the most of his experience of having Cerebral Palsy and being a wheelchair user, and has worked hard to increase his own knowledge of other forms of disability to assist in his work improving the community.

John is also committed to helping young people come to terms with their disability, giving them a positive outlook on their situation. In 2008, John decided he wanted to work within the security industry; he overcame the access issues and undertook the training to obtain the SIA licence, the first and only wheelchair user in the country to do so.

John then obtained the SIA CCTV licence and has worked as a door supervisor for the past six years. Unfortunately, John’s licence was not renewed this December due to new upskilling rules, which state you must be able to escort a person up and down a flight of stairs, John is currently in talks with SIA to overcome this issue and renew his licence.

Nominated by Brian Linnegar