Jonathan Dalton

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Jonathan Dalton BCAc

Michael Underwood, Jonathan Dalton BCAc, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Michael Underwood, Jonathan Dalton BCAc, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Jon joined Wooburn Scouts 52 years ago and has worked his way up to becoming a venture scout leader. He has been an Assistant Leader of the 1st Wooburn Scout Group since 2008 and believes passionately in the development of young people. Jon takes responsibility for planning the Scout activities for the entire year, including the annual Night Hike, a thirteen-mile hike at night around the Marlow area involving around 130 Beavers, Clubs and Scouts from all the local scout groups. Bear Grylls (Chief Scout) visited the Longridge outdoor activity centre in May 2014 to visit the big Scout Wet Water Weekend. When he saw the 1st Wooburn Scout camp he was impressed that the group were the only scouts still using canvas tents.

Jon plays a significant part in the annual Remembrance Service on The Green. He came up with the idea to have crosses on the green to remember all of the soldiers who died during the 1st and 2nd world wards, 146 crosses in total. He undertook the research to find the names, sought permission from the Parish Council to erect crosses on The Green and he created the template, with the Scouts painting them and assembling them under Jon’s supervision.