Dr Joseph Waas


HI RES Dr Joseph Waas, Bradley Walsh, Anu Chadha Lime MCP

Dr. Joseph Waas is a GP who has served his community for over 40 years. Heralded as an ‘unsung hero of general practice’ by his peers, he is humble and reticent to talk of his achievements. Through his 40-year practice he is widely revered by patients and peers alike. He is renowned for comforting, caring and curing.

Often he has foregone holidays to care for patients nearing end-oflife. He is completely committed, often visiting patients after surgery (outside of contractual duties). There are instances of him feeding the hungry in his community from his own pocket, talking a suicidal patient out of taking his life – he has even paid taxi fares for patients unable to attend surgery Dr Waas has been instrumental in the way infertility is treated, being amongst the first to insist on seeing both partners together.

In 1990 he oversaw the building of the new surgery taking a hands-on approach throughout. Such was his local support he attracted charitable donations from a wide range of local organisations, enabling him and the practice to better serve the local community

Nominated by: Dr. Simon Taylor