Joyce Obaseki




Michael Underwood, Joyce Obaseki BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Michael Underwood, Joyce Obaseki BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Joyce moved to the UK from Nigeria 20 years ago and embarked upon a successful career as a supply teacher and later as a Teacher Coach, before launching a not for profit organisation.

Five years ago, a ‘bedraggled boy’ walked into Joyce’s classroom crying. He was being bullied because of his dirty school uniform.  When Joyce enquired further, she learned that the boys mum, was suffering from Cancer, and was currently too ill to wash his clothes.  Joyce realised that this boy was in need, but not at risk, and there was nowhere to signpost him to.

So, Joyce created Grant a Smile, an organisation ready to step in and help qualifying families that needed help – whether it is cleaning the home, washing clothes or just listening. Joyce saw a way where she could really make a difference especially as 1 in 4 children in the UK are suffering a similar scenario, with a parent battling a life-limiting or mental health condition.

Grant a Smile provides interventional support with outstanding results, people are less depressed, feel supported and this in itself helps emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing of both the parents and the children.


Nominated by:  Elson Igie