Julie Bell, BCAc



Julie Bell BCAc receiving her Medal from Alison Eddy, Regional Manager Partner, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

Julie has volunteered for Girl Guiding (the largest female organisation in the UK) for three decades and also contributes to other local events such as the Children’s festival. Julie has an ability to engage, involve and encourage young people.

In addition to this commitment to her community, Julie is also the County Commissioner for Girl Guides and the Region Commissioner. Julie’s guide unit is a thriving size with 40 girls and around 10 young leaders. Julie keeps her finger on the pulse for grants and opportunities for gaining equipment for the activities the girls like to be involved with, which keeps the programme real and practical for the young people she works with. This contributes to them becoming well rounded members of the community.

Julie has been involved with girl guiding from a young girl and has been a leader for 30 years. Her ability to motivate and encourage young women makes her stand out in the community. Julie’s ability to maintain her guides and develop them into young leaders, and in turn adult leaders, demonstrates how motivated and committed to her community she is. Currently Julie has Rangers carrying out roles in the Girl Guiding Council, acting as advocates, spokespeople and travelling to run sessions on ‘Free being me’, a girl guiding initiative on self-esteem and mental health. Julie has been part of the development of hundreds, if not thousands of young women over the years and a vast majority of them have developed skills which they have used in later life.
Nominated by: Alison Travis