Julie Hill

West Sussex

Hi Res Julie Hill, Bradley Walsh, Alison Eddy Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

In 1990 Julie had a spinal cord injury and became a service user of Back Up, a charity which helps to inspire people with spinal cord injury to build confidence and independence.

Today, she is one of its longest serving volunteers having completed 25 years. Julie has been involved in all aspects of the charity’s work including fundraising for specific courses, and completing a fouryear research study on course impacts.

Not only did Julie commit to help others facing similar trauma, but she also took confidence from the group and has been active in disability awareness. She has been a public speaker inspiring other spinally injured people, and has spoken at local schools to enhance awareness of disability.

After her injury, Julie with her boundless energy, raised two young children, completed an A level in Psychology and a foundation course in counselling. More recently, Julie has been a wheelchair skills trainer at the spinal injury rehab centre in Salisbury on six different occasions and was instrumental in delivering a 5-day residential course in Skills for Independence held in Essex.

Nominated by: Karim Dafallah