Keith Davies

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Michael Underwood, Keith Davies BCAv, Jan Barratt, Experian

Michael Underwood, Keith Davies BCAv, Jan Barratt, Experian

15 years ago, Keith was asked to perform at a local charity concert for the first time as an Elvis impersonator. He has gone on to become something of a phenomenon around Abergavenny and South East Wales, with the help of his friends known as the ‘Memphis Mafia’. Keith has performed in excess of 200 concerts, raising more than £330,000 for local charities. He never takes a penny for any performance, he is just happy to see all the benefit go to the organising charity involved.

After 15 years, Keith never tires of coming up with new ideas for charities on how he can assist. Not only as a performer who knows every song Elvis ever recorded, but the background story to them all, their context in the star’s life, and he weaves this information into his performance in a comedic way as part of his dialogue with the audience between songs.

Keith and his ‘Memphis Mafia’ perform occasionally further afield, and performed in Stroud, raising £3,800 for polio eradication. A week later, Keith discovered that Bill Gates – whose wife has connections in the area – had an interest in polio so made contact and managed to achieve match funding, doubling the contribution for the evening.

Nominated by: Geoff Burrows