Kelly Waite


County Durham

Kelly Waite, Michael Underwood, Lonnie Mayne, Founder Red Shoes Living

Kelly has extreme Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), hypothyroidism and ME, but despite these conditions has a determination to help others. Aside from spreading awareness of the mental health issues around OCD, Kelly, who has suffered long-term serious domestic violence, speaks to other victims and has set up a Facebook support group to support others.

Refusing to be labelled a victim, and despite suffering local Anti-Social Behaviours (ASB) and cyber-bullying, Kelly set up ASB meetings for the community to help neighbours, inspiring the entire community to stand up against these people.

In addition to this, Kelly is also a model, and advocate for Models of Diversity,whose aims are for models with disabilities to have the same access to work as able-bodied models; and for those trying to break into the industry to have equality. Kelly helps with setting up fashion shows and events to promote this.

Kelly is the UK Ambassador for ‘The Dream Foundation of Uganda’, which is a children’s charity, empowering children through education and the fight against HIV/Aids, corruption and poverty.

Nominated by: Kirsty Archer