Kelvin Smith



Kelvin Smith BCAv, Michael Underwood, Ian Christian, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Kelvin is an unpaid Trustee of the charity, Parity for Disability. Not only does he fundraise for the cause, but he rallies support, forms strategic alliances and is accredited with the very survival of the charity. Parity for Disability exists solely to help young people with profound disabilities.

In 2005 he started high-rope challenges, which included abseiling down tall buildings, and he spends countless hours collecting sacks of clothing to help stock the charity’s shops.

Kelvin suffers from cerebral palsy, he has difficulty walking and has undergone 14 operations, making the £90,000 he has raised even more remarkable.

His devotion and commitment, coupled with his charm and sense of humour, endear him to many people who become volunteers themselves to help him, Kelvin affectionately calls this group of people ‘his legs’.

Kelvin befriended a redundant maintenance professional and persuaded him to carry out essential maintenance work for the charity. This has resulted in countless hours of free labour, with the charity only paying the cost of material.

Kelvin started volunteering for the charity 33 years ago.

Nominated by: Helene Abbiss