Ken Floyde



Ken Floyde with Simran Soin from Places for PeopleKen, of Clapham Park, established Brixton BMX Club in September 1981, against a backdrop of Brixton’s very serious social issues of the time. The influence from Ken’s commitment to the sport has given many young people a positive direction in life, away from gang-related crime in South London’s tough inner city areas and towards competitive sport. The social benefit for South London has been enormous; it has helped turn youths with troubled backgrounds into productive citizens who contribute to society both socially and economically.

Ken’s commitment to Brixton BMX Club has had wide reaching benefits, both for South London and for the British Sport as a whole. The club was inactive for a period from 1990’s to 2001, when BMX fell from favour. When it restarted again, Ken became active as secretary and has since continued in the post, providing great support for the club which now has 90 members including children and young adults.

Several high-calibre UK BMX riders owe their status to Ken’s influence, some have held world championship titles and others are tipped as potential Olympic BMX medallists for the UK.

Ken’s commitment and passion of BMX means many young people have not just gone on to become successful BMX riders, but popular and relevant coaches of the sport as well. Peckham BMX Club and more recently Merton BMX Club, have both developed as offshoots from Brixton BMX Club, and exist directly as a result of Ken’s original efforts. As well as his passion and commitment to BMX, Ken has also been actively volunteering in the local community since 1986.

Nominated by Mike Woof