Kenneth Gardner BCAa

Baroness Wilcox, Kenneth Gardner, Kieran Keane from Place for People

Kinny and his late partner Alistair founded Krazy Kat Theatre Company in 1982 in Scotland and developed their own unique visual and imaginative style of Children’s Theatre. The idea to sign and speak simultaneously gives deaf children and their hearing friends a chance to enjoy a production together.

’Kinny has been the driving force, problem solver and inspirational leader of Krazy Kats for 33 years’.

Kinny’s own nephew was deaf and it frustrated Kinny that theatre was inaccessible for him. He highlights the equal value of all children while emphasising the possibilities available to deaf and hard of hearing children.

He brings his work to schools, both mainstream, deaf and special educational needs.

This is important so everyone gets the opportunity to see a piece of theatre, which is child-centred, made for them, and involving them. Deaf or hard of hearing children don’t have the same access to well-known stories in the form of live theatre.

Krazy Kat’s work promotes access to the arts for the deaf and champions the value of sign

language to the hearing.