Kim Douglas, BCAh


West Midlands

Kim Douglas BCAh receiving her Medal from Pat Egan, Group Exec Director of Affordable Housing, Places for People

Following the tragic death of her son George, aged just 3 years old, Kim was inspired to set up an Asthma charity, to help improve Asthma care in young people. Since the launch of the charity in 2000, standards have risen markedly, with several Asthma nurses now in hospitals and clinics, and Asthma training being rolled out in schools, to parents and children’s groups.

Following a 12-year campaign, Kim was instrumental in having the law changed to allow emergency inhalers to be available in schools across the UK.

The achievement for which Kim is proudest is the launch of the ‘Asthma online training package’, which is a free resource to schools, hospitals and GP surgeries to ensure that no further avoidable deaths occur. The charity funds Asthma nurses, and Kim herself is hands on to organise training.

Due to her extensive research, knowledge and dedication Kim has, on more than one occasion, been asked to consult for pharmaceutical companies, contributing to the care and treatment of Asthma patients throughout the country.

The charity is run from Kim’s home, and although Kim herself is registered disabled, she does not shy away from her determination to educate as many groups as possible. ‘It is because of Kim that thousands of lives have been changed for the better’. Her home phone is the ‘unofficial’ 24-hour helpline.
Nominated by: Diana Bebbington