Kim Hughes

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Kim Hughes BCAv

Michael Underwood, Kim Hughes BCAv, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Michael Underwood, Kim Hughes BCAv, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Kim has been a volunteer for Apex Charitable Trust since 1998. She works with and supports ex-offenders helping them to turn their lives around. Kim shows kindness and compassion believing everyone deserves a second chance. She knows that education and opportunities not only help reduce reoffending, but strengthen communities by giving people a sense of purpose and worth.

For 20 years Kim’s dedication has seen her take on more responsibility and since 2006 she has been leader of the Trust. Whilst pursuing her duties as charity CEO and passionately supporting clients, Kim also battled her own personal health conditions, being diagnosed with MS and undergoing various medical treatments, but upholding her charity commitment throughout.

Over the 20 years Kim has supported numerous ex-offenders, helping them achieve meaningful paid employment and she has secured over £1 million to keep the charity running. At the same time Kim has provided support and encouragement to her entire team of staff. Kim has provided and continues to provide empathetic support and advice to ex-offenders without judgement, including a lady convicted of fraud and deception, who through Kim’s guidance and mentoring has gone on to achieve a degree in criminology and a PHD.