Lauren Doherty

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North Yorkshire

Matt Allwright, Lauren Doherty BCAv, Nicole Hallak, Pampers

Eleven years ago, Lauren was involved in a life-changing road traffic accident, which left her paralysed, needing round the clock care. Following several operations and a 16-month stay in different hospitals she was determined to breath on her own without a ventilator.  Two years later she was able not be totally dependent on a machine to breath.  Five years after the accident, Lauren moved into her own purpose-built accommodation.

Having experienced the devastation that a lack of concentration could cause, Lauren wanted others to learn the consequences of road safety. Her message is relevant to all age groups. From her first primary school, speaking to a group of 10 children in 2016, she has since spoken to over 3,000 children and young adults to date. Children respond to Lauren and the fact that she delivers the message personally really does have an impact. Seeing her in person, needing someone to hold her notes, give her a drink if she needs one and that she has a tracheotomy in situ, means you can hear a pin drop when she talks.

The Learn and Live campaign is now delivered in collaboration with North Yorkshire Police, Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust, 95 Alive, North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Council.