Leah Chowdhry

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Leah Chowdhry BCAv

Michael Underwood, Leah Chowdhry BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Michael Underwood, Leah Chowdhry BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Taking inspiration from a trip to India, aged 8, Leah was struck by the level of poverty and vulnerability of children – so she vowed to make a difference. To date, Leah has raised £175,000 for various charities. Most recently, she became the first British Asian women to swim The English Channel – her dedication to children led her to being named The Woman of the Year 2018. Through her English Channel swim alone Leah raised £155,000 for charity. She took the 21-mile swim and managed this is just over 14 hours.

At age of 8 she gave up fizzy drinks and sweets for a year raising £1,000. At 15 Leah started volunteering at Woodlands School, helping children with severe learning difficulties and autism. At 17 when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka she refused to be a bystander and flew out, to help orphaned children, teaching them coping mechanisms and helping them to look at their futures in a more positive way. Over the last 17 years she has volunteered for a number of organisations making a difference to young people’s lives. She has given a number of talks at schools and last year managed to reach over 900 young people.