Lindsey Wilmshurst

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Lindsey Wilmshurst BCAh

Michael Underwood, Lindsey Wilmshurst BCAh, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Michael Underwood, Lindsey Wilmshurst BCAh, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Lindsey is deaf and uses a cochlear implant to access sound. She has a son, Riley, who is also deaf and a few years ago he was isolated at school and experienced bullying. In 2017, Lindsey researched her local area for support groups for deaf young people and found there was no such group. She decided to set one up herself to see if she could find some other children in the area that would benefit from this.

Lindsey fundraised, obtained lottery funding and contacted local businesses for support. She advertised the group across social media in the hope that people would turn up. That is how Saturday Kidszone started. On the first day over 20 children and their families, many who had never interacted with another deaf child, turned up and now in just two years this has grown to 50 families regularly attending.

Lindsey has tirelessly fundraised to create an environment where the children can be themselves and comfortable around other children that are going through the same journey as they are, making new friends and building confidence. There is no judgement within the club and the children can interact by either signing, non-verbal or speaking.