Liz Blewitt


West Midlands


Michael Underwood, Liz Blewitt BCAc, Shakirat Ojo, Big Bus London

Michael Underwood, Liz Blewitt BCAc, Shakirat Ojo, Big Bus London

Lily, known as Liz, is the last surviving founding member of the Walsall Gateway Club, a social club which she was instrumental in introducing, specifically for adults with learning disabilities. Liz has served the club consistently over the last 30 years, turning out in all weathers to ensure that those that need the interaction and service the club offers are able to access it consstantly.

Liz, approaching her 90th birthday and suffering from a heart condition and hearing problems, still walks to the club daily. She remains committed to helping others and has done so since she turned 60 and had more time on her hands. Over the years she has worked energetically to raise funds for the club, even competing in sponsored swims.

She has contributed greatly to the local community of adults with learning disabilities, helping them to avoid social isolation and loneliness.  Liz not only helps provide a safe place for members to meet, but is a friend to each and every member, greeting everyone with a kind word and friendly smile.

Liz has been a permanent cornerstone of Walsall Gateway Club, and whilst other volunteers have given up their service through age and ill health, Liz has continued to serve the club.


Nominated by:  Matthew Barker