Lynda Gwyther, BCAe

Lynda founded the Centre for Teenage Mums in 1979 and was Head

Teacher for the following 20 years. Creating an idyll for young mums, with

an adjacent nursery; the girls were able to embark on a meaningful and

successful education. The school is still in operation.


“She is the kindest and bravest person I know and always remains humble and cheerful no matter how tough times get. She always puts others’ needs before her own”


She cared for her husband who had cancer of the oesophagus when she

herself was suffering from breast cancer and its treatment. Lynda is

involved in homeless charities and delivers food boxes at Harvest Festival.

She is still involved in the local primary school and local Church Choir: a

member of the community truly committed to making life better.


“Without that school, many of the young mums may not have gained the confidence, skills and qualifications to become the mature and hard working adults they have become”.