Margaret Woolhouse

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Matt Allwright, Peggy Woolhouse BCAc, Dame Mary Perkins, Patron of The BCA

Margaret, known as Peggy, joined the Women’s Institute in the 1950s when a small group of members wanted to form a singing group.  Peggy had been given opportunities to develop singing at an early age and played the piano.  Through Peggy’s leadership the reputation of the choir grew and soon community members not in the WI wanted to join.  50 Years ago, the Heath Singers Ladies Choir was formed, with Peggy at the forefront, volunteering her time to promote the choir at every opportunity.

The Choir joined in with village pantomimes and Peggy helped with village carnival floats and soon the choir was giving concerts in the village community centre and raising money for local charities.

Peggy is now 88 and still full of determination, always willing to be involved in music within her community. 16 years ago, having lost her beloved husband, Peggy picked herself up carried on supporting thousands of adults and children to both participate and enjoy music. She has the rare talent of being able to play an audience and involve them with the choir.  The choir exists because of Peggy and without her the choir would not enjoy the huge community involvement that it does.