Marion Strudwick


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Marion, is one of the founding members of the registered charity ‘SOS!SEN’. Formed in 2001 after a local ‘special’ school was due to be closed because of paperwork irregularities, Marion was the coordinator for 15 years. At age 72, in March 2015, Marion stepped down to become a Trustee, ensuring the charity was still able to help parents and children in the way that it has always done.

Marion is still actively supporting parents with SEN (Special Education Needs) paperwork, accompanying them to school, and even attending tribunals. She raises funds tirelessly for the charity to ensure that children with SEN get the right support and provision they are entitled to, and deserve.

She also finds energy to support two other children’s charity shops locally. Thousands of children and their families have been helped by the charity and most of the volunteers have been recruited by Marion. She still devotes her time to parents who often come to the charity when they are stressed, harassed or feeling disenfranchised.

Her biggest impact being that every single day since 2001 she has been available to any volunteer or parent.

Nominated by: Hilary Knight