Mark Tipping BCAv & Nicola Tipping BCAv

Baroness Wilcox, Nicola and Mark Tipping, Kieran Keane from Places for People.

The Tipping Family Christmas Switch On is now in its fourth year. The family put 30,000 Christmas Lights on their home and invite the entire community to share the Switch On and raise funds forseveral local charities at the same time. To date, they have raised £35,000 since starting thisinspirational event.

‘Mark and Nicola are fantastic role models to their children and everyone in their community and they really do show how one small family and an awful lot of hard work, enthusiasm and commitment really can make a difference’.

Mark and Nicola are not professional charity fund-raisers and the switch on costs nothing to attend. As soon as the lights are taken down each year, they begin work on the next year’s event. This has grown considerably each year and is expected to get even bigger going forward.

The work the family put into this event is exceptional, Mark is a scaffolder and Nicola a busy Mum but they are truly inspirational in what they do every year. Mark and Nicola are always happy and positive and enjoy life. The outstanding amount of money they raise makes such a difference within the local community, but it is more than the money that makes their efforts worthy of recognition. It is the sense of community and being part of something bigger that the community want to thank them for. Local families can join in without it costing them anything at all, all donations are voluntary.

This year’s event was bigger than ever and saw 8,000 raffle tickets sold for 60 prizes. This year alone Mark and Nicola and their boys raised £23,504.16. The charities are fantastic local charitieswho have not only been helped by the money raised but have welcomed the press coverage andthe publicity that has come about from this event.