Martin Wyatt, BCAa

Baroness Wilcox, Martin Wyatt, Kieran Keane from Places for People

For the past 45 years, Martin Wyatt has devoted his spare time to developing the musical talents of local people, encouraging their appreciation and understanding of classical music, and providing them with opportunities to perform in public.
His inclusive attitude – ‘nobody is every excluded on grounds of inexperience’; his liveliness and his drive; his faith in the abilities of his choirs and orchestra continue to go from strength to strength under his conductorship.
Through his conductorship he has encouraged many hundreds of local amateur singers and musicians to take part in and enjoy musical activities, promoting social interaction and a sense of teamwork. For many older people this has also provided a purpose in life and an antidote to loneliness, while many younger participant have gone on to make music their career.
The biggest impact he created was the establishment of the St Gregory’s Arts Centre in 1986 which provided performance and exhibition space for local amateur musicians, singers and actors. When grant-giving bodies declined to support the venue he invested own money in restoring the building and enabling it to function for community arts.
Martin has received no formal recognition, other than the support and love of his fellow community members.