Mary Rae, BCAa

Baroness Wilcox, Mary Rae, Will Gore from The i Newspaper

30 years ago Mary had the foresight to recognise that concert music was not easily accessible to all, so decided to create a low-cost concert. She would not pay musicians or singers, instead offering them a platform to showcase their talents and perform to an audience. 30 years later and Mary has organised and produced 290 such concerts in the Octagon Chapel.
Mary plans all aspects of the concerts, giving the artists the opportunity to decide which charity should benefit from any proceeds generated. To date she has raised in excess of £150,000 for good causes, and the Chapel itself benefits from the funds.

“Without Mary there would be no Octagon Concert Series”

Concerts are booked into 2016 with no sign of Mary slowing down. This 30th year is special for all those musicians that have played there, the audiences, the singers and the Chapel. Today there is a dedicated website for the concert series.

“She is fiercely modest and declined any formal recognition for her 30 years of service, but she has given us her permission to progress the nomination for an honour of a British Citizen Awards”