Mary Taggart


Northern Ireland

Mary Taggart BCAc, MU, Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder Specsavers

For over 20 years Mary has given her time to selflessly enrich the lives of those in need in her community and further afield. Working full time as a teacher and raising six children of her own, Mary has always found time to help others.

For 15 years Mary has been a volunteer for the Samaritans doing the 2am-6am shift, also helping new members become fully trained Samaritans.

Mary also volunteers for Victim Support to help young people in traumatic situations at the Magistrates and Crown court. In addition to this, Mary teaches English as a foreign language giving up 2-3 hours of her week completely free of charge to help migrant workers from overseas.

For 17 years,Mary has given her time to help Cruise Bereavement Northern Ireland where she specialises in helping young children deal with their grief.

Each child, each foreign worker, each person who felt the need to contact Samaritans or each child affected by the Northern Ireland troubles, would vouch for the difference Mary has made to their individual lives.

Nominated by: Eva Bloomer