Maureen Collins

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Maureen Collins BCAc

Michael Underwood, Maureen Collins BCAc, Jo Delbridge, Specsavers

Michael Underwood, Maureen Collins BCAc, Jo Delbridge, Specsavers

Maureen has been volunteering for the elderly residents of Croft village for 32 years. She is truly a pillar of this community. Croft Happy Circle was founded in 1958 with the aim of providing a social club to relieve the loneliness and isolation of the elderly in the village and its success is demonstrated by its longevity. There are currently 52 members and meetings have been held regularly for the last 61 years.

Maureen joined the Happy Circle as a volunteer in 1987 working in the kitchen helping to prepare and serve afternoon teas. After 7 years Maureen became Leader of Croft Happy Circle and has single-handedly ensured the survival and viability of this support group. She has been an inspiration and role model for the other volunteers within the group.

Her organisational skills have enabled a continuing confidence and the essential work of funding and organising the social events and meetings has provided members with meaningful and enjoyable activities, including bingo, prize raffles and outings by coach with lunch or tea included. There is always a Christmas dinner to bring residents of the village together, especially any who are living alone, helping them maintain a social network and lessen feelings of isolation.