Max Levitas BCAc

Baroness Wilcox, Gina Rowan on behalf of Max Levitas, Alison Eddy from Irwin Mitchell

Max Levitas has for his whole life been, and still is, a stalwart of the Tower Hamlets community. He has been instrumental and involved in supporting people whatever their problems are, from rent and social housing problems, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or religion – people in the local community turn to him.

This is particularly poignant as the area of East London where Max lives is not a quiet rural hamlet where everyone is familiar with everyone else, but a cosmopolitan, multi-racial community on the outskirts of the City of London

‘Max is the Grandfather and Great Grandfather of the East End Community, bringing all cultures and ethnicities together, young and old’

Max is now 100 years old and since moving to the East End in 1927 his vocation began. In 1936 he fought against fascism and racism and stopped fascists marching through the Jewish quarter.

He is also a highly regarded member of the Trade Union and helps sort out industrial disputes and employment problems. Max has always been an activist for social justice and made this his life. He is still President of the Tower Hamlets Tenants Association getting out every day and meeting people. He is a much loved and recognised person in the East End. He walks miles everyday meeting friends and people who may need his assistance.

‘A natural born Gentleman, we feel his life is worthy to be celebrated and he certainly deserves a BCA given the life he has lived at 100 years old. It would be a wonderful recognition for a fantastic, wonderful person’.