Max Morris



Max Morris BCAv receiving his Medal from Lonnie Mayne, President of InMoment

For over 18 years Max has collected used golf balls mainly through his club Coombe Hill Golf Club. With the help of his wife he cleaned, sorted them by brand and condition and boxed them up for sale. Max then gave the boxed balls to various charity shops in the community who sold them to raise money for their particular charity.

The main charities to benefit were Cancer Research UK, St Raphael’s Hospice in Cheam, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Oxfam and The Children’s Trust for children with multiple disabilities. Max has now ‘retired’ from collecting the balls…. at 105 years old, having raised over £100,000 collectively for the charities around his community, who are also part of national research and support. 12 13 Jimmy Tarbuck OBE, Max’s nominator said: “I am a huge admirer of the man and his love of fellow man”. Max’s efforts have been well-received by all the charities he supplied over the years, and his novel contribution has had a massive ongoing effect.

Max has put in tremendous work over a long period of time in collecting and arranging the sale of the golf balls. He has shown great dedication and effort to raise much needed funds for the various charities. Nominated by: Jimmy Tarbuck OBE