Mayoor Patel


Greater Manchester
Mayoor Patel with Lonnie Mayne (L) & Lord Dholakia (R)

Mayoor, of Heaton, has been fundraising for charity since the age of 13 and has been instrumental in raising more than £1.5 million for three charities – the OKAS Fund, which helps academically-gifted but financially disadvantaged students in Uganda; Polio Children, which works on four continents to support those affected by polio; and Little Drops Shravana, which is the only project of its kind providing an integrated free service for hearing impaired children in India.

He is also involved in numerous other charities and projects, including the Milapfest Trust – the UK’s leading Indian arts development trust. Mayoor, who was originally from Uganda, leads from the front, believing that an education is the best gift he can give.

He began his charitable work after being inspired by his father, who had served the Ugandan government 30 years before the family was expelled in the 1970s. His father told him, ‘Son, I will give you something nobody can take away from you and one day you must give it to someone who needs it, but not charge for it. That something I will put between your ears.’ Armed with this philosophy, Mayoor has impacted positively on more than 2,000 children.

He is a passionate advocate of ‘education at any cost’ and believes that self-sufficiency is the key for communities and projects. With this aim in mind, he relentlessly pursues fundraising and awareness programmes, undertaking presentations across his many networks, as well as at Lions clubs, schools, universities and temples.
Nominated by Vilas Patel